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Diversity at SRV

We believe that diversity strengthens us as individuals who work, play, and learn together. We strive to understand and value our diverse world and build a community of mutual respect. -- Diversity Statement, The School in Rose Valley, April, 2018 The staff at The...

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This Month in Nita’s Class: Partial Sums

Your second grader is learning a method of adding numbers that is probably totally
unfamiliar to you. You are not alone; parents around the country are wondering
what this new method of “Partial Sums” is all about! There’s really nothing all that
new or tricky about partial sums.

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What Is Progressive Education?

Countless early childhood education studies promote the long-range benefits of exposing young children to basic concepts in literacy, math, and to peer interactions. As our understanding of early learning has evolved, we have come to know that a progressive curriculum...

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Stay Alert: Construction in Progress

Every Wednesday after Sing our Youngest Group (YG) runs to a predetermined meeting spot along the way to their classroom. Here their teachers greet them, count heads and send them along to the next locale. Meet me at the tree stump … excellent! … meet me at the horse...

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Not Your Average Class Potluck

By: O’Brien Wolff On Sunday, October 8, Middle Circle families gathered in Grace to join in the annual classroom tradition of a communal potluck. Yes of course, there was a delicious spread with homemade dishes and local eats. Aromas of freshly-baked muffins, savory...

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How to Muck the Sheep Pen

Learning and Experiencing Community Traditions “Pass the pitchfork!” a student calls from inside the pen; standing with a smile, as beads of sweat begin to collect under their headband. The pen itself isn’t very big so, while waiting to get the tool, they’ve got their...

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