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5 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

by Janelle Koszarek, MBA, Director of Sustainability & Community Engagement Getting kids to eat vegetables can often feel like an impossible task. Mealtimes are critical bonding opportunities, and putting the focus on picky eating adds unnecessary stress. These...

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Why Do Leaves Fall?

The School in Rose Valley is so beautiful in the fall. The many trees begin to change color and eventually drop their leaves for students to try to catch and gather into large piles for jumping. We call the season “fall” because it seems like the leaves, encouraged by...

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Benefits of Woodworking Classes for Kids

The very first classroom ever constructed at The School in Rose Valley was the woodshop, and it has been at the heart of our school ever since. In the words of then Principal Grace Rotzel, "Working with tools furnishes one of the best disciplines a school can offer....

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Diversity at SRV

We believe that diversity strengthens us as individuals who work, play, and learn together. We strive to understand and value our diverse world and build a community of mutual respect. -- Diversity Statement, The School in Rose Valley, April, 2018 The staff at The...

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This Month in Nita’s Class: Partial Sums

Your second grader is learning a method of adding numbers that is probably totally
unfamiliar to you. You are not alone; parents around the country are wondering
what this new method of “Partial Sums” is all about! There’s really nothing all that
new or tricky about partial sums.

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What Is Progressive Education?

Countless early childhood education studies promote the long-range benefits of exposing young children to basic concepts in literacy, math, and to peer interactions. As our understanding of early learning has evolved, we have come to know that a progressive curriculum...

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