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How to Muck the Sheep Pen

Learning and Experiencing Community Traditions “Pass the pitchfork!” a student calls from inside the pen; standing with a smile, as beads of sweat begin to collect under their headband. The pen itself isn’t very big so, while waiting to get the tool, they’ve got their...

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The Magic of Jumping Right In

By Catalina Ríos There are many effective strategies for learning a new language and the children at SRV model their love of language learning artfully. They are not “students” of Spanish but rather are actively “speakers” of Spanish. The magic is in jumping right in...

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Archaeology at SRV — Students Dig Deep

The Middle Circle (MC) third and fourth graders took a trip back in time on Monday as they participated in an archaeological dig at the house of Paula and Robert Healy of Rose Valley. The Healy’s property houses the original schoolhouse of The School in Rose Valley....

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