Parent Community Organization (PCO)

The SRV Parent Community Organization is an inclusive and diverse organization representing all community members. This includes parents, guardians and anyone else with an active interest in the day-to-day activities at The School in Rose Valley. Parent and family involvement is a cornerstone of the SRV mission and is vital to the school’s success.

The PCO manages several events that are long time SRV traditions:




The Book Fair is the annual fundraiser for the SRV Library. Through Children’s Book World, we will offer a great selection of quality children’s books, as well as selections for parents.  The Book Fair is open at drop off, preschool pickup and after school with extended hours on Conference Day.  Volunteers are needed to pick up/return the books, set up/break down the book fair, and to man the cash box when the sale is open.


Spruce up the SRV campus with other parents while you earn back your maintenance deposit. On Putter Days, parents and older children pitch in on a wide choice of campus projects. Parent volunteers provide snacks and child care. A great community event!



Winter Festival is a family-oriented event that typically includes live music, dancing, crafts, a pot-luck, and a soul-warming Good Wishes Ceremony with singing around a bonfire. Parents help plan the event and transform the campus into a magical Winter Wonderland. All families volunteer some time either before or during the event.



Parents arrange a special activity or event during the year to show appreciation for the SRV staff. In past years, the PCO has organized a special meal for the staff, or meal baskets for staff families.



First Saturday in May from 11:00 to 6:00 – This is a major school event – staff and students work and plan for weeks to make it happen. Don’t miss it! May Fair is a family-community event that celebrates the spring. It is held on the first Saturday in May with dances performed by each classroom including the Oldest Group Maypole dance. There are field games, pony rides, face painting, a bake sale, plant sale, delicious lunch and dinner, lemon sticks, and more. May Fair T-shirts and other school merchandise will be for sale.


Last Day of School, 8:30 to 10:15 – On the last day of school at Bead Ceremony, teachers present a bead to each student with a word or phrase that captures the essence of the student. The PCO hosts a coffee at drop-off time to allow space for parents to gather and relax before Bead Ceremony.