The school buildings and classrooms themselves reflect SRV’s history, philosophy and values. The earliest buildings were built by parents. Our more recent ones are as “green” as we have been able to make them. Classrooms are spacious and full of light, and all have doors and windows directly to the outdoors.

SRV students range in age from about 3 years old in preschool through 12 years in 6th grade. We offer 3 and 5 day Preschool programs and a Kindergarten program with options for 5 full days or 3 full days(M,T,W) and 2 half days (Th, F).

Students above Kindergarten level are intentionally grouped in classrooms spanning two grades to create vertical groups. This kind of grouping means that teachers have most students for two consecutive years, allowing them to get to know and understand the students in deep ways that inform their teaching. Students experience years when they are the new, younger members of a group, and years when they are the leaders and mentors.

In vertically grouped classrooms, with a wider age range of students than in a single grade classroom, students are able to work at their own level and pace. Teachers meet students wherever they are in each area of their development, and teach them individually or in small groups exactly what they need to learn next.