Service & Partnership Learning

Program Elements

At the School in Rose Valley, we are philosophically committed to democracy, diversity, and sustainability as a personal, campus, local, and global practice. It is also part of the school’s mission to help the students become competent and active citizens by fulfilling real responsibilities, from tending our campus to partnering with other communities in learning and service.

All students at The School in Rose Valley take part in Service Learning and Partnerships, which helps them learn how to be part of a community, how to be responsible citizens, and how to help make the world a better place. Most of the SLP projects and activities are led by classroom and special subject teachers and parent volunteers in home classrooms, around the SRV campus and in the outside community.

One aspect of the SLP program involves students in contributing to the SRV community. Children share responsibilities throughout the school, including classroom chores, and caring for the school animals and garden.

Children at SRV also engage in reciprocal intercultural partnerships with children and adults who live and work in the nearby communities. For example, some of the preschoolers share monthly activities with special friends from a nearby senior center, and our kindergarten has a partnership with a classroom at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf.

Through our focus on educating for sustainability, students learn about and actively engage in helping care for the environment. Young children help manage our recycling and composting programs and help take care of a neighboring nature preserve. Older children often work actively with local institutions and organizations such as a group taking care of our local watershed and creeks, and a nearby Nature Conservancy property.

Finally, SRV participates as an entire school in two charitable drives each year. Our approach to these charitable efforts is one that stresses fairness and the habit of sharing. Examples of projects in recent years are relief for Haitian earthquake victims, a fund-drive for Pennies for Peace, and a food drive for Philabundance.