Message from the Head of School

Founded in 1929, The School in Rose Valley stands apart as a profoundly unique educational institution. Born out of the Rose Valley arts and crafts community, the School echoes traditions of creativity, integrity, and strong family involvement. We are a community of educators, who are passionate, knowledgeable, and caring, and who love to learn as much as SRV’s students. Our commitment to progressive education means that learning is experiential, emergent, and collaborative. SRV’s beautiful, wooded nine-acre campus provides a rich backdrop for exploration, and students learn by interacting with the natural world, building on their own knowledge and affinities, and working with their peers toward a common goal. The School’s talented teachers attend to students’ physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development with great care; and our low teacher-to-student ratio allows for the strong personal bonds that are essential to learning.

What really makes SRV such a unique and special place though is its students. All one has to do is to watch a group of children completely engrossed in the discovery of a salamander down by Ridley Creek, immersed in their character during a rehearsal of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, or lost in the turning of a bowl on the lathe in the woodshop to see that the learning that takes place here is rich, meaningful, and foundational. SRV students are independent learners who are capable of thinking critically and innovatively, and solving problems. They celebrate difference and respect one another. At SRV, play is vital to a child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development; and play is something that sets us apart from other schools. When I see the root systems of the dawn redwood outside my window transformed into a collection of fairy dwellings or hear joyous laughter coming from the sports field, I am reminded that SRV is not only a school that prepares students for their futures but it is a place where childhood is sacred and celebrated.

I welcome you to visit our campus, experience our unique approach to education, and see the joy of learning that exists within each of our students. I would be delighted and proud to show you around and hope that you will choose this exceptional school for your family.

Rod Stanton, Head of School