Oldest Group

Oldest Group (OG) students are on the brink of adolescence. An elementary school setting is appropriate for young people to consolidate their academic, social/emotional, and skills of independence before moving on to middle school. OG students are role models for the whole student body, taking on responsibilities in their classroom and around the campus.

Academically, OG students are well prepared to move on to their next school setting. SRV graduates know and understand themselves as people and as learners, have well-developed academic, creative, and self-advocacy skills, and bring a love of learning to wherever they attend school next.

The school day is from 8:15am-3pm. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30am and will be supervised by SRV staff members. The Afternoons Program runs from 3pm-6pm. Lunch is provided for all students. Snacks are provided by the School each morning, in the afternoon, and during the Afternoons Program. Please see the Farm to Fork Food & Education Program description here.


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