Tuition for 2019 - 2020

Tuition for all full day programs includes lunch. The school day begins at 8:15 a.m. and full days end at 3:00 p.m. The half day programs begin at 8:15 a.m. and end at 11:45 a.m.


2-Day (T,Th) – Half $4,890
2-Day (T,Th) – Full $7,940
3-Day (M,W,F) – Half $7,760
3-Day (M,W,F) – Full $11,880
5-Day – Half $11,880
5-Day – 3 Full Days (M,W,F), 2 Half Days (T,Th) $16,060
5-Day – Full $18,100
1 additional Afternoon +$2,100


Kindergarten – 5 Full Days $18,800
Kindergarten – 3 Full Days (M,T,W), 2 Half Days (TH,F) $16,680
1st & 2nd Grades $20,700
3rd & 4th Grades $21,200
5th & 6th Grades $21,200

Maintenance Deposit:

A $240 refundable work deposit from a two parent family or a $120 deposit from a single parent family is collected. This refund is earned at the rate of $10.00/hour for approved maintenance work on buildings and grounds, usually on the two “Putter Days,” Fall and Spring.

Payment Plan Options

As per your Enrollment Contract there are three options available in order to pay the tuition for your child at The School in Rose Valley.

  • Option A (Annual Billing): Pay all tuition and work deposit on or before July 1, 2019 and deduct One Percent (1%) from the total tuition.
  • Option B (Semester Billing):  Pay all tuition and work deposit in two payments. The first payment of Sixty Percent (60%) of the balance is due on or before July 1, 2019. A second payment of Forty Percent (40%) is due on or before December 1, 2019.
  • Option C (Ten-Month Payment): June – March payment plan managed directly by FACTS. This plan has a fee of $65 required by FACTS and a fee of $100 per child required by The School in Rose Valley. Enrollment information will be sent to you with your invoice.

Note: Payments received after the due dates will be assessed a late charge at the periodic rate of One and One Half percent (1.5%) per Month (18% Annual Percentage Rate).