Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of The School in Rose Valley Corporation is responsible for the long-term health and sustainability of the School, articulation and oversight of its mission, and managing its financial affairs. The Board’s principal functions include:

  • Hiring and evaluating the Head of School. The Head is the only School employee hired and evaluated by the Board; all other employees of the School are hired and supervised by the Head. Decisions relating to the daily running of the school are made by the Head.
  • Keeping the School true to its mission.
  • Strategic and financial planning for the future of the school.
  • The stewardship of the School’s resources, which includes setting tuition, adoption of the annual budget, and requiring an annual external audit of the school’s financial statements.
  • Developing and maintaining up-to-date bylaws and institutional policies, including those governing conflict of interest, crisis management, and compliance with federal statutes concerning the school’s tax-exempt status as an educational institution.
  • Planning for the maintenance, renovation, and development of facilities and grounds.
  • Overseeing fundraising and development efforts.
  • Overseeing all Board committee activities.

Board members serve without pay.


Trustees are elected by the membership of the Corporation (all current parents and staff, plus Trustees) for overlapping three-year terms. Officers are elected by the Trustees for two-year terms.

Communicating with the Board

Board news is communicated to the membership (all current parents and staff) in annual letters, via Freep articles, and in meeting minutes. Members may bring a question or concern to the attention of the Board in several ways. You can talk to any Board member; address a letter to the Board Chair; or contact the Chair and ask to address the Board at a monthly meeting.

Trustees are not permitted to respond to comments or questions via public email or list serve. The Board gives careful consideration to each question and comment it receives.

2022-23 Board Members

Sophia Toussaint-Williams, Chair

Dani Stefanik, Vice-Chair
Barb Crozier, Secretary

Carrie Miluski
Narda Quigley
Brian Rainville
Lisa Squires
Oliver Carley
Ian Rubin
Peggy Beck
Kimberli Smith
Jeremy Hsu
Shelley Preston
Curt Bonsall-Shepard
Rod Stanton